Allswers turns opinions into business insights.

Allswers is an experience management platform.
Make decisions based on real-world data.

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One platform.Infinite solutions

Generate surveys that deliver value to your company by boosting customer and employee loyalty and measuring quality processes.



Classic survey


Evaluation of employee engagement

90º evaluations

Surveys to monitor quality standards

Brand experience



Pre-set workflows for alerts and publishing on social media.




CRM and e-commerce integrations


Data export


Executive dashboard


Custom dashboard with Power BI

Discover everything Allswers could do for your business.

Solutions that measure the value processes of your company.

We help you design surveys that provide unique insights into the experiences of the most important people to you.

Customer Experience

Automate how you monitor customer interactions and gain a clear understanding of their behaviour.

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Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Brand experience

Evaluate the set of attributes, benefits or values that consumers associate with your brand.

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Brand Awareness

Perception - brand reputation

Employee Experience

Manage employee engagement and boost productivity.

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Commitment evaluation surveys

90º evaluation surveys

Employee Pulse surveys

Quality monitoring

Monitor quality indicators to ensure you meet every standard.

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Surveys to monitor ISO performance indicators.

EFQM monitoring surveys.

Turns opinions into actions for growth

Experience management helps to identify opportunities for growth.

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Connect your surveys with your most-used apps.

Simplify tasks and generate automatic workflows and integrations to obtain valuable insights.

Turn data into business information thanks to custom dashboards.

Find all the information about your questionnaires in one place: behaviour, real-time data visualisation, and evolution over time.

Allswers assists in the generation of positive testimonials and their publication on social media.

Use automated responses and reply to your customers’ feedback instantly. Take advantage of your positive reviews and manage how you publish these on social media.

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“Knowledge in Action”,

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