Customer journey map

Activities to include in the customer journey map

In this post we will analyze the activities that make up the customer journey map. We will also see the importance of a good design for a proper management of the customer experience.


What should the customer journey map include.

The mapping of activities that impact the customer is called customer journey map. In this process map you must collect all the points of contact with your organization and allies that deliver your product or service. You can see more information about what is the customer journey map in the specialized website CXNETWORK.

These core activities should include all the multiple touch points from the customer’s point of view. In Chief Customer Officer 2.0 by Jeanne Bliss, Samir Bitar, former director of the Smithsonian Institution’s visitor services office, shares how he built the organization’s first customer journey map to create a unified understanding of the visitor experience, you can read an excerpt at this LINK.

We must look through the customer journey map for the so-called process disruptors and unneeded activities that create cost and dissatisfaction that will be clear targets for improvement.


customer journey map


How to build the map?

The first step to build a customer journey map is to identify and build the steps/milestones of the company’s journey from the customer’s point of view. We have to identify the key moments that a customer has with the company.

These activities or milestones of the journey are the main points where customers come into contact with the business.


Which customer touch points are the most universal.

Not all of these points can be applied to all businesses but they are fairly universal. This process of identifying points is very well described on the website of our colleagues MATRIX MARKETING GROUP.

We highlight, as the most common, the following touch points:

  • Brand attraction. This is when you appear on the potential customer’s radar, the first time through ads, online content…
  • Interest. In this next stage, customers start to take an interest in your products or services, they move from mere desire towards your brand to an active search through the website, ask your friend…
  • Testing the offer. Try the products through a free trial, freebie, product samples,…
  • Use of the product or service. Once purchased, the customer uses it, which is the main part of the customer experience. This is where their expectations are fully satisfied, disappointed… It includes the quality of the product, its delivery and its implementation.
  • Post-purchase service. At this critical point are all post-sales services and complaint resolution.


What should we take into account to build a customer journey map.

To build a good customer journey map we must take into account:

  1. Determine what critical elements are impacting each link in the journey.
  2. Identify all the people and departments that are connected to each element.
  3. Identify the policies, processes, procedures and tools that impact the customer experience.
  4. Collect all the internal metrics we have as a starting point.


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