analítica de la experiencia

Experience analytics as a critical element for decision making.

Experience analytics has already permeated all leading companies.

To solve problems quickly, organizations need to discover the right information. This requires more customized reports based on analytics.


experience analysis

The importance of experience analytics.

More and more data is available to companies, but we need to structure it in the right way. Experience analytics can help provide the practical information needed to manage any satisfaction program.

Since survey-based systems became ubiquitous, the world of knowledge generation has been transformed by impressive advances in the ability to:


  • Generate
  • Aggregate
  • Analyze data.


As the consulting firm Mckinsey points out in its post companies now have access to a wide range of data sets: internal data on customer interactions (both digital and analog), transactions and profiles…; All this data can be transformed into processes thanks to its aggregation and analysis.

Some CX managers have taken the plunge and started using the data on offer, extracting valuable information that can alert and guide quick actions to improve the customer experience.

experience analysis

Transform data into action.

Customized reports ensure that your teams can understand and actually use the analytics that drive ROI:


  • Improving experiences.
  • Increasing satisfaction.
  • Uncovering time- and money-saving opportunities.


Every role in your company needs accessible, visual reports that show the most relevant KPIs. If you want to know some of these KPI’S of experience analytics, check out our post.

Text analytics provide deeper context to these KPI’S by helping all users understand what makes them go up or down. Platforms like Allswers makes it easy to analyze these core experience KPIs.


experience analysis


What does a report need to try to understand experience analytics?

Reports need to go beyond individual user needs to reflect overall business needs.

According to Forrester Research, one of the most difficult questions companies must ask themselves about their customer experience platforms is:

“Which listening activities should we start, stop or continue?”.

experience analysis


Excellent reporting across a platform should be able to give the business an idea of what is and isn’t there, including the sources of most of their data and KPIs associated with each signal.

But finally as Customer trigger points out in their post, currently data analytics can in 4 ways improve your customer experience and also contribute positively to your business:


  1. Data analysis to get to know the customer and find out their needs,
  2. Automation of processes,
  3. Personalization of services and offers
  4. Predictive capability to anticipate behaviors and needs.


Therefore, no one can ignore the need to obtain adequate reports from the development of data analytics in order to improve the customer experience.


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