comentarios de los clientes

Customer feedback key to understanding the customer experience

The customer relationship is designed, as Forrester Consulting points out, to be an engine of growth; today, this is more a potential than a reality.

To make it a reality, we must align customer experience feedback with concrete improvement actions. We have defined a series of issues you need to take into account.


comentarios de los clientes


1. Analyze what’s behind each customer response

Customers who give you feedback are asking you questions. Turning statements into questions helps you answer what is behind each customer’s sentiment.

A variety of micro-actions encapsulate important questions that often center on Forrester’s so-called “3Es” of what expectations you need to understand from the customer Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), is designed to close the loop between customer experience measures and growth by connecting quality and loyalty measures to specific revenue drivers.

Within the developed customer experience quality analysis Forrester focuses it on four questions:

What did the customer expect from the relationship?

What actually happened?

How did our customer feel about us?

What can we do next to connect better and deeper?


Properly answering these questions forces us to segment our customers and channels. In the absence of a systematic way to look at feedback at the segment or channel scale, you’re likely to have good intentions but focus on the wrong things. Forrester has contributed its index to linking customer experience to growth.

Platforms like Allswers certainly help you implement Forrester’s metrics in a simple and agile way.


2. Focus on the velocity of feedback content.

The comments we receive in feedback are often driven by the content of the feedback comments. Underlying those comments are questions about the whys and wherefores of either a positive or negative experience.

The comments that follow the rating can be either problem solving or favorable comments. All companies make mistakes. What is interesting is what we do with that knowledge and the reaction to it.


3. Focus

Although the term “customer-centric” is common in customer experience, SMEs are at an early stage compared to large companies even if they coin this term.

Above all, consider that feedback and responsiveness and resolution is a common ground where customers win and therefore the company wins as well.


4. Turn feedback into action.

When we turn statements into questions, we challenge our own beliefs, and it is usually the best question that makes us rethink what we have been doing.

Rethinking is important, but without action, it is still just information we have. Action is essential to lead to the modification of processes to suit customer needs.