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Design of a customer experience scorecard.

Designing the right dashboard is a key action in customer experience monitoring. In this post we are going to analyze how we face this design. In addition to seeing the content of the final report of this measurement. On the other hand, it is important how to communicate the results of this measurement. To understand what a scorecard is, you can consult the post of one of the leading companies in marketing automation, HubSpot.


Designing a customer experience dashboard: main challenges

Let’s start by enumerating the milestones when facing the design of a scorecard.

  1. Data from interviews, complaints, social media and operations must be compatible in terms of categorizing expectations, problems and causes of customer experience, as well as the impact on customer loyalty.
  2. The unified customer experience scorecard includes in a structured way the voice of the customer. The aim is to achieve:
  • Identify emerging experience elements.
  • Enable on-the-spot intervention to restore customer satisfaction.
  • Take action to mitigate or prevent possible states of dissatisfaction.
    You must know what percentage of customers who experience a problem go to a particular point of service or social media tool, to seek a solution or complain.

3. You must know what percentage of customers who experience a problem go to a particular point of service or social media tool, to seek a solution or complain.


In addition, the report should quantify the number of customers who have had the problem and estimate its impact through the so-called “Market Damage Model”.

Finally the analysis ends with the strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience process.

You can analyze a successful methodology in the post of the customer experience development partnership.


Characteristics that the final scorecard report should have.

  1. Simplify the report to 3 elements of the experience.
  2. Tailor the report to business needs.
  3. Enriches the data with graphs.
  4. Facilitates ideas for new products and services.


dashboard design


Share customer experience reports and charts with the organization.

Sharing data with everyone in our company who can use it is a great opportunity for improvement, experience management tools such as Allswers allow you to share this data.

The goal is to create reports aligned with the daily work of service quality managers. You can dive deeper into how to communicate the customer experience in the following audio from communication specialist Runroom.


What the customer experience report should do

The main measures of customer experience are based on customer and employee data.

The report should:

  1. Define items for improvement and suggest potential action plans for improvement. (based on ROI).
  2. Measure results. The key metric for assessing the current state of the customer experience in the company is the percentage of issues identified by the customer experience set over a period of time.


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