dissatisfied customer

Dissatisfied customer: closing the circle.

Transforming a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one is the real challenge. Having learned how to develop a unified customer experience scorecard, let’s take another step. Now let’s review in this post how to close the loop by turning identified dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers.

We must apply the feedback obtained to the customer’s daily operations and close the loop by calling or visiting individual customers. In this way we will be able to offer appropriate actions to overcome their dissatisfaction, solving the problems raised. For more information on this topic, please refer to the post by Delighted’s colleagues.

The key is to close the circle with respect to the feedback obtained and involve the company in the satisfaction of these customers, so that we move from dissatisfied customers to satisfied customers.


Reviewing and improving the customer experience model.

The starting point is the creation of a unified picture of the customer experience in the company. The methodology to use is a workshop with the customer. This way we will detect the dissatisfied customer and we will be able to correct. The gap between the desired customer experience and the one currently received (the so-called moments of truth) indicate where actions should be focused. The customer experience improvement process must be linked to strategic and daily decisions.

It is important to adjust measures to see what is working and what is not working. To finish, you can complete the process according to the customer experience partnership post in the link.


dissatisfied customer


The key technology to avoid the dissatisfied customer.

The functions of a CEX platform in customer experience management are the following:

  1. To give a global view of the mapping and analysis of the current and ideal customer experience.
  2. Collect and analyze data from the unified customer experience.
  3. Identify opportunities for improvement.
  4. Measure and communicate progress within the organization in an automated way.


If you want to complete the analysis of this section see the post of the digital magazine CMSwire in this link.

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