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Employee experience trends for 2022 according to Forrester

The prestigious consulting firm Forrester, as it does every year, presents its predictions for 2022. It points it out as ‘the year when companies will be forced to take care of the Employee Experience’.

“The very turbulence that your employees have just survived has put them in a different state of mind. They want different things, they expect better resources that will allow them to succeed at work, and they may even want different outcomes for their careers. And, looking around, they see evidence that suggests they can ask for and receive the reasonable things they want.” You can read a summary of these on the Forrester consulting firm’s blog.


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Why is the creation of employee experience programs important?

The employee has changed, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want, as evidenced by the term coined as “The Great Quit” that is happening in the United States.

100% of companies will be unable to adjust their compensation and benefits policies. To meet employee expectations in the wake of the pandemic, another set of measures must be taken. This is Forrester’s stark prediction for 2022.

There are many decisions to be made to improve their experience at work. Issues ranging from where they can work, what tools they should have available, or how managers can change to become more like coaches than supervisors.

As such, Employee Experience programs become an even more relevant piece for the new year. That’s why it’s important to have tools, such as the Allswers Employee Experience Platform that allow us to monitor the eNPS indicator. Your results will be critical to business success.


What is the key to attracting and retaining the best talent?

Expert Maritza Múnera gave us a clear answer to this question in a post on the innovation content website where she points out that 70% of employees want companies to have flexible options that include the option of remote work.

Perhaps this is the best place to start an employee-focused strategy since, as Forrester states, employee experience management will be more important than ever and the easy, simple and cost-efficient implementation of the allswers platform may be the first step.

In conclusion, the next few years will be vital for technological development. It is essential to develop corporate cultures that are more agile, resilient, creative and focused on user experience.