The eNPS is a driver of business profitability.

Companies have adopted the eNPS indicator as a measure of job motivation and we will see in our post its great impact on corporate profits. The Nep Promoter Score (NPS) is for many companies the fundamental metric for measuring customer satisfaction. Based on this experience, companies have adopted the eNPS indicator as a measure of job motivation.

NPS and eNPS related to corporate profits.

Companies have had substantial improvements in customer experience from the NPS. These same companies have already started to apply the same methodology to measure and improve the employees’ experience of their company. Along these lines, companies are adopting the so-called eNPS or employee NPS. This metric offers the same degree of correlation with NPS and with profits, which these companies discovered by analyzing only the NPS data and the company’s economic results. All this can be analyzed in a post by people analytics expert Eduardo Valencia.




Indicator that measures employee loyalty.

Employee NPS, better known as eNPS, is the indicator that measures employee loyalty to the company. It is based on a single question: “Would you recommend this company as a place to work to a friend? This question is answered on a scale of 0 to 10. Where 0 means “very unlikely” and 10 means “I would definitely recommend it”.

Based on this rating, we classify employees into promoters, passives and detractors. To see the calculation you can consult Daniel Segarra’s blog.

Next to this question there is a second question in open text: What is the main reason that leads you to give this rating, which allows us to investigate the motivations for this rating.


The eNPS as a fundamental metric of the human resources department.

This correlation between motivated employees and favorable economic results of the company directly connects the HR function in the company with a direct impact on the bottom line. This means putting HR at the center of the company’s management. As stated on the HR Best Practices website of the human resources consulting firm Cegos . The objective of measuring through the eNPS is to have a compass of well-being at work, as well as the feeling of belonging and satisfaction, something that has a direct impact on the company’s engagement and productivity.

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