From customer satisfaction to customer experience

Knowing customer satisfaction is key for a company. Creating a superior customer experience is one of the key objectives for organizational success. We should have no doubt that every company can improve something and if they had to choose, they should choose to improve the relationship that their customers have with the company. Customer experience management is undoubtedly rigor, method and software.

Customer Experience (CEX) is the subjective and internal response that customers have to some direct or indirect contact with the company. Never miss opportunities to gain insights from customers.

When dissatisfied people do not complain, these complaints do not lead to a resolution. Employees are not the cause of dissatisfaction. Employee attitudes, attitudes and mistakes alone are responsible for 20% of customer dissatisfaction. Sixty percent is dissatisfaction caused by products, processes and marketing messages.

On the other hand, 20% is due to customers’ own mistakes. However regardless of this customers tend to blame the organization. Across all industries, a customer who complains and is satisfied with the resolution is 30% more loyal than a person who complains and is not served. 


customer satisfaction


Key to this is implementing omnichannel feedback across all touch points of the customer journey – online, offline, mobile, social…- will help you understand CEX and act quickly to increase customer loyalty.

Customer Experience programs are a natural extension of customer satisfaction programs, which broaden the company’s understanding of the customer. If you want to learn more about this topic or get deeper into the world of customer and employee experience, do not hesitate to contact us from THIS SAME LINK.