How to deploy a customer experience strategy

In the following post we will review the fundamentals for deploying a winning customer experience strategy, the foundation for business success as highlighted by guru Lior Arussy in his book “Next is now“.


Deploy a customer experience strategy


Customer experience design affects all touch points. Unsurprisingly, some touchpoints are more important than others.

But I understand that you won’t be surprised to discover that some of your company’s touchpoints are critical in the context of your company’s customer experience management in particular.

Of great help in this monitoring are platforms like Allswers that help you monitor all of your company’s touchpoints.

This tool will help you deploy a customer experience strategy that will be the foundation of your company’s success.

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When you embark on the deployment of a customer experience strategy you have to take into account the following milestones:


  • Definition. Benchmark and define your differentiating advantage in customer experience.
  • Building a brand must be considered in the overall context of the organization’s value to its customers. If you are not the best, the cost of sales increases.
  • Development. Put in place a strategy to innovate in relation to the customer experience across all touch points.
  • The customer experience strategy should become the company’s customer experience operations manual.
  • Organization and execution. Prepare, motivate and drive your organization to put customer experience at the center of its thinking.
  • Guide the execution of the experience throughout the company across all teams that have contact with the customer across all touch points.
  • Measures. Takes metrics on the impact of customer experience on loyalty. Establishes the NPS indicator as a measure of the evolution of experience management throughout the company. Share the evolution of this indicator with the company.
  • Redefine. Continues with a process of continuous improvement based on experience.


We have no doubt that if you properly implement a customer experience strategy with the support of tools such as Allswers, you will improve your company’s profits and profitability. Follow us on our blog and start learning!