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Keys to a successful customer experience

In this post you can find out what differentiates companies with a successful customer experience from the rest.

Rockcontent, in its blog post, lists the reasons why a successful customer experience is important, highlighting how to improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, gain brand ambassadors, enhance brand image and stand out from the competition.

Several analyses carried out by companies in the sector have revealed the best customer experience practices that offer the best results for the customer and the business and turn you into a Customer Centric company, according to the post of the specialized web site Customer Experience.

Within these analyses, the successful customer experience has in common these lines of work in customer experience:


  1. Collect customer feedback and follow up on their opinion.
  2. Collect customer feedback through as many channels as possible. Prioritize increasing the amount of customer feedback they collect using a greater number of channels.
  3. Capture as many types of customer experience data as possible, including direct and indirect customer signals, structured and unstructured customer data, and feedback both internal (call center, chat) and external to the organization (online reviews).
  4. Develop and regularly update your organization’s customer experience scorecard on a regular basis.
  5. Communicate your company’s customer experience data throughout the organization, give direct access to relevant customer feedback.
    Use customer experience information to drive data-driven decision making.
  6. Prioritize investment in employee experience to improve customer experience, several studies some of them included in our blog as show how there is a direct relationship between NPS and ENPS indicators, ie between customer experience and employee experience.


Everything we have seen involves using technology such as ALLSWERS to deliver personalized customer experiences. Customer experience measurement and management platforms make it easy to automate actions and track feedback through technology,