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Listening to employees is essential to retain talent.

Employee listening has become more acute as a result of the pandemic. In the last fifteen months, organizations have learned that remote work is a critical part of the employee experience. Companies will need to incorporate listening to employee needs into a new virtual employee experience.

Therefore, employee experience management tools play a key role in this new telecommuting environment. And it is characterized by less constant contact with workers.


The digital experience is now a fundamental part of employee listening.

Also, having simple and easy-to-interpret employee experience metrics such as eNPS plays a key role.

When we work on Employee Experience, we are talking about managing the perceptions that the employee has in each of the interactions with the company in which he or she works.

For all these reasons, telework has impacted the management of the employee experience in our companies by directly impacting these perceptions.

The result is that it makes them more invisible as they cannot be directly perceived.

To reinforce the need to capture these perceptions by monitoring changes in our workforce, we will reference a study by the Future Forum. This organization enables leaders to reimagine work through data and dialogue to create a people-centric, digitally-first future of work. The Future Forum believes that competitive advantage in this century comes down to people.

The Future Forum study “Winning the war for talent in the post-pandemic world” which you can download from right here, conducted on 10,000 knowledge workers, shows that 93% of workers want flexibility in when and how they work; with more than half of the workers surveyed being open to a job change in a short time horizon.

Flexibility is now one of the main determinants of job satisfaction.

According to a study by the aforementioned Forum, flexibility is now one of the main factors determining job satisfaction. All of this is a key value in listening to the employee.

In the words of Brian Elliot Leader of the Forum for the Future “The past year has changed everyone’s expectations: People don’t want to return to the pre-pandemic norms of office life, but they are also eager to turn the page on the experiment of forced mobility over the past fifteen months. Companies that want to attract and retain top talent should expect an entirely new way of working: a flexible model that fundamentally reimagines not only where, but also when and how you work.”


employee listening


Three key insights into the work of the future according to Future Forum Pulse.


  1. Flexible work schedules are more important than flexible locations.
  2. The office has a role to play, but digital infrastructure is the big differentiator.
  3. Flexible work is a game changer for working mothers and knowledge-based workers.


For all these reasons, constant and continuous listening to workers through engagement surveys, eNPS metrics and pulse surveys become a key element in retaining talent in the organization. This is where platforms such as play a fundamental role, having automated the measurement of the eNPS indicator. Ask us for more information RIGHT HERE.