customer satisfaction.

Importance of customer satisfaction.

Improving the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of the products or services offered are the objectives of most companies. The reason is clear, the level of customer satisfaction increases their loyalty and the possibility that they will recommend our company. In other words, customer dissatisfaction can have a direct impact on the success of any company.

The customer experience can be negatively impacted by issues that occur repeatedly or others on an occasional basis. Points of customer dissatisfaction often cause friction and frustration. This can turn your customers into dissatisfied customers, increasing their churn rate and therefore decreasing their lifetime value.


customer satisfaction


Increase customer satisfaction.

Likewise, dissatisfied customers have a higher cost of support and attention. Therefore, reducing these points of dissatisfaction is critical for the company and therefore for its bottom line.

It is therefore essential to measure the customer experience with either an NPS or CSAT indicator. In this way and knowing a metric it is possible to make the improvement, let’s not forget that in order to improve it is necessary to measure. You can see how to use both in this video by expert Adrian Swinscoe.

The starting point for improving customer satisfaction is the creation of a unified picture of the customer experience in the company. The gap between the desired and actual customer experience indicates where actions are focused.

In order to automatically measure customer satisfaction and generate a unified picture of the experience, use a platform such as So do not hesitate to request a free trial of our solution. You can request the trial through THIS FORM. Don’t wait any longer, it’s the solution you are looking for.