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How to act when faced with NPS or negative customer feedback.

Have you had negative feedback from customers and don’t know how to act?

Have you been rated poorly in the NPS metric?


You already know that most customers don’t complain and others simply abandon you and you never hear from them again.

Therefore, if our customers give us their feedback, even if it is negative, we are in luck. The important thing is to be prepared and to know how we are going to manage it in our organization.

A satisfied customer is one who values your goods and services and recommends them to friends, colleagues and is loyal to your brand. This has a direct impact on the so-called lifetime value, which will be higher and your service costs will be lower.

On the other hand, a dissatisfied customer costs more to serve, values our service less and is likely to go to a competitor.

But what are the signs that alert us to the fact that we are not managing this negative customer feedback well?

Basically, the dissatisfaction comes from three actions or items; the customer experiences a problem, it is difficult to find a contact in the company to solve it and finally, they are dissatisfied with the response they receive.


What should we do when we have negative feedback?

Usually the complaining customers have invested their time in giving us their feedback. We should be thankful that the feedback provided helps us to learn from it and improve.

Listening to and learning from dissatisfied customers helps us to create a constructive interrelationship that helps us to improve.

Once you are grateful for the feedback received, ask them if they can change their opinion of your company. If they are unhappy, contact them to see what you can do to keep them as customers.

However, following the post from marketing automation software company Hubspot. It can be difficult to decide if a customer’s feedback actually helps improve your business or if it’s just an attempt to attack your company. Hubspot collects a number of traits that can distinguish the two types of feedback.


negative feedback


Actions to manage negative feedback from your customers.

1.- Try to understand the feedback provided by your customers.

The first response should be to understand and the second to try to give a response. Just hearing that someone remembers them, they are looking for empathy and attention.


2.- Give what the customer needs.

Understand exactly what your customers want in order to respond in a relevant way. Give an answer as quickly as possible. If you can’t, suggest an alternative solution.


3.- Act fast.

Responding quickly is critical, especially on social media. This is currently the medium through which customers file the majority of complaints.


4.- Show that the customer is important to you.

Thank them for their trust in the company and share the vision for the future that makes them feel how important they are to you.


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