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Use our platform to generate automatic processes for evaluating your quality indicators. Keep everything under control.

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Analyse trends in your quality surveys to add value to your business. Thanks to our specialist models and dashboards, Allswers helps you to generate the most value from this process.

Make it easier to follow your quality standards

Design surveys for quality certifications the quick and easy way using our pre-set templates. Effortlessly analyse each process against ISO or EFQM quality indicators.

Carry out real-time monitoring

Use action triggers to understand data instantly. Go a step further to optimise your quality processes and meet every requirement.

It’s never been easier to monitor your company’s performance against quality indicators.

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Automate your surveysto measure your company’s value processes

We help you design surveys that provide unique insights into the experiences of the most important people to you.

Customer Experience

Automate how you monitor customer interactions and gain a clear understanding of their behaviour.

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Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Employee Experience

Manage employee engagement and boost productivity.

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Commitment evaluation surveys

90º evaluation surveys

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