métricas cuantitativas

Quantitative customer metrics.

In the following post we will analyze how to align the company around mainly quantitative operational metrics, starting from the main metric which is the growth or decrease of the customer base as a basic measure of success. Other metrics are built on the basis of the growth of the customer base, which we will now go on to discuss.

Measurement via surveys based on metrics.

Hoy muchas empresas ejecutan encuestas qué miden la satisfacción en todas las relaciones con el cliente. Asimismo, también se realizan encuestas transaccionales que preguntan acerca de una determinada experiencia o punto de contacto. Como podemos ver enin the post of the consulting firm Bebeyond, para medir la satisfacción de clientes es importante que usemos métodos eficaces que nos aporten datos reales y medibles sobre cómo nos perciben a nosotros y a nuestros productos.

Today many companies conduct surveys that measure satisfaction in all customer relationships. Transactional surveys that ask about a specific experience or point of contact are also conducted. As we can see in the post of the consulting firm Bebeyond, to measure customer satisfaction it is important that we use effective methods that provide us with real and measurable data on how they perceive us and our products.

When data are analyzed survey by survey, this does not result in improvements. What is important is the overall vision responding to previously defined metrics, where customer experience is particularly relevant in all of them.

All this overview can be provided by a customer experience management platform such as www.allswers.com, which allows you to measure your customers’ experiences points of contact, complementing the quantitative metrics collected from the CRM, which are listed in the following section.

métricas cuantitativas

Main quantitative metrics in relation to customers.

For this purpose, we have made a simple summary of them that can serve as a basis. If you want to complete them, read the post by Hub Spot, a company specialized in marketing automation.

The main customer metrics are:

  1. Customer growth (New customers /volume (turnover) and value). The most complicated is to check the quality or value of incoming customers.
  2. Customer loss (number of lost customers, volume and value and reasons, identification of lost customers). Customers lost after an incident.
  3. Referrals received by customer segment.
  4. Behaviors that show the increase or weakness of the relationship with customers.
  5. Number of referrals generated by existing customers.
  6. Movements of customers within value segments.

If you want to complete the quantitative measures offered by CRMs with qualitative measures of your customer relationships, request a trial of our customer experience measurement platform CONTACT US.