enterprise competitiveness

The key to business competitiveness: Employee engagement.

There are many areas of control and improvement to increase business competitiveness. Fundamental to human resource management is the analytics of HR-related data. This qualitative data from employee feedback helps to make informed decisions. This decision making improves the management of people in an organization and therefore their engagement.

Increasing customer satisfaction through employee engagement

To be competitive it seems essential that employees are engaged to meet customer satisfaction.

When we talk about committed employees we are talking about people who are fans of their work. This means that they get involved every day and fight for the company.

Only 13% of employees are engaged.

According to the Workforce 2020 report by Oxford Economics, only 13% of employees worldwide say they feel engaged. You can access a copy of the study at this link.


enterprise competitiveness


Better engagement improves business performance. Promote business competitiveness in your company. 

According to this study, companies that score higher in employee experience have 3 times more return than the rest. This improves business competitiveness.

The consulting firm Gallup values at 605 billion dollars the cost in lost productivity due to workers who leave a company.

An engaged employee is happier, healthier and contributes to a better work environment. And, as far as the company brand is concerned, it will act as Jeanne Bliss points out, as a convinced ambassador, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

However, although studies show that employee engagement is key for most employers, engaged employees are in the minority.

So we are faced with a first issue of what it is, how to measure it and what metrics to use to measure engagement.

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