Voz del cliente

The voice of the customer program, a competitive necessity for your company.

Did you know that according to Dimensional Research, 39% of customers will not engage with a company for more than two years if they have had a bad customer service experience?

Customers are also becoming increasingly vocal about what they are and are not willing to tolerate when it comes to customer service. A study by OVUM for Broldchat, reported by the online trade magazine Emarketer, shows that 82% of customers have left a company after a bad experience with it.

If you thought that was bad enough, wait until you learn that four out of ten consumers will recommend other companies, even if they are not suppliers, if they have had a bad experience with you. Competitors quickly penetrate your installed base based on your customers’ bad experiences.

The intention of these statistics is not to sow fear in your companies. On the contrary, it is to confirm that the only way to survive in the business space is to meet your customers’ expectations and manage their experiences by measuring them. This is the key role of Voice of Customer (VoC) surveys.


voice of the customer


What is a Voice of the Customer (VoC) survey?

True to its name, a voice of the customer survey is a proactive and consistent approach to capturing customer


  • Needs.
  • Expectations.
  • Preferences.
  • Experiences.


What information is extracted through voice of the customer surveys?

It extracts the opinions of your customer base to reveal what they like, what they don’t like and what they need to improve about your product or service offering. And it even summarizes customer feedback through simple, easy-to-implement metrics such as the NPS indicator.

Quantitative and qualitative feedback from these surveys can be used to know the pulse of your customers and address challenges. Ultimately, it also allows you to leverage the overall customer experience to drive growth in your business. Here we highlight the relationship between the NPS indicator and business growth.



voice of the customer


Build customer insight by assessing key moments through customer surveys and metrics.

During the different points of contact, key moments will occur, which are decisive for the customer to have a good experience. Therefore, it is not only important to be aware of their existence, but also to create metrics that allow us to identify, measure and improve them.

A voice of the customer survey puts your customers in the spotlight by measuring their experience and lets you know:


  • Where they are at with the company.
  • Listen to what they say about what the company.
  • It allows you to identify points of dissatisfaction and shortcomings.
  • Allows you to make amends for mistakes to continually improve your overall customer experience.


The importance of this mechanism in companies.

Surveys make it easier to understand how the customer feels at any given moment (puzzled, interested, lost, comfortable…) and above all what bothers and bothers them at each of the points of contact; each thing that bothers them is an opportunity to redesign and greatly improve their customer experience.

What the company needs to ensure is that the customer receives the quality of experience they require for each of the touch points. Building the touchpoint assessment along the map of the customer’s interactions with our company allows the organization to focus on those points that are essential to the customer. This allows us to interact more with subsequent touch points to provide a better experience.


voice of the customer


Ultimately, a voice of the customer survey is inevitable to win the war of customer loyalty. What’s more, it is vital to employ it throughout the customer journey to uncover their pain points and develop strategies and solutions to improve them.

For all these reasons, tools such as Allswers make it possible to monitor the customer experience, identifying points of dissatisfaction and creating a customer experience scorecard for the company.