Encuesta de pulso

Pulse survey.

A pulse survey is a short survey that seeks to know what workers think about different topics, such as communication, motivation, level of commitment or any aspect of organizational development. You can analyze why pulse surveys are important in the following post that we recommend from our colleagues at happyforce.


What is a pulse survey for?

The results of the pulse survey will provide you with employee opinions that will help you measure their satisfaction and commitment, as well as help you solve problems when something is not going well.

You can analyze why it is advisable to carry out pulse surveys in the following post that we recommend from the specialized human resources website Hrconnect.


What are the benefits of pulse surveys?

They offer anonymity

Offering the possibility of answering anonymously makes it possible for survey recipients to understand that the purpose of the survey is to listen to employees without retaliating for their opinions. It also makes it easier to talk about issues that are sensitive to the organization.


Shorter analysis time

Results can be measured right away. Even if you have a digital platform such as www.allswers.com to collect this data, you can visualize the data in real time.


Improved decision making

Making a decision in an informed way with the opinion of all your members favors the adoption of decisions supported by the workers. With this information, data-driven action plans can be developed.


Pulse Survey


Good complement to engagement surveys and the eNPS indicator.

The eNPS indicator makes it easy to understand employee engagement and loyalty in a practical way, allowing tracking over time as it is a homogeneous indicator. These engagement analyses, usually in a biannual format, are complemented by pulse analyses for specific issues. The combination of the two provides the company with information to improve people management.

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