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2022 trends in customer experience

The year 2022 has begun, and companies are taking up plans to improve customer experience management. In the following post we will analyze what trends in this area are expected for 2022.

1.- We are moving towards a more global customer experience capture across all touch points.

According to the specialized magazine Puromarketing, picking up an analysis of our friends from Medallia, not everything will be through surveys.

Although brands have long used surveys to capture customer feedback, in the future, brands will not only have to ask customers how they feel. They will need to capture customer signals and behavior at every touchpoint and interaction.

In this way, the company will have the keys to understand them correctly. You can read more about this analysis in the magazine’s post.


customer experience


2.-Explosion of personalized experiences through the increase of artificial intelligence applied to customer experience.

One of the future challenges of customer experience is to achieve personalized experiences when we have multiple customers.

With Artificial Intelligence (also called the Internet of Things), organizations will make a personalized service tailored to the customer. This service will be predictive and will be created according to what the customer wants and needs at that moment and at that point of contact.

Aunoa, a consulting firm specializing in conversational artificial intelligence, explains that this will make customers more demanding and expect to receive a fully personalized experience.

The Customer Journey, according to this consultant, must be tailored and avoid any friction or barrier to conversion. We can go deeper in the next post.


3.- Increased investment in digital experience.

We are seeing a sharp increase in the adoption of digital experience analytics, along with online feedback, to help companies determine where to focus their energies.


customer experience


4.- Customer experience reengineering.

According to the consulting firm WOW, in its post, you have to design objective experiences, and to do so, you have to direct the future through the design of the customer experience.

This will allow you to evaluate how you are today, how your current positioning is, and define exactly how you want that experience to be that you are going to offer to the customer over time.

This transformation, says the WOW consulting firm, would be to think that we can go from where we are today to the future, with an image as it is today, and make that change.


5.- Interrelation between customer experience and employee experience.

Until now, customer and employee data were analyzed separately, seeking different objectives. However, employee experience and customer experience are interrelated.

Satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers and this leads to higher brand loyalty, and thus higher sales and profits.


If you want to delve deeper into the world of customer experience, enter our blog and you will learn about all the keys, benefits and challenges that companies are currently facing.