acciones para mejorar tu eNPS

5 actions to improve your eNPS.

How would you manage your main asset, let’s look at different actions to improve your eNPS. One of the main items on the income statement is the personnel expenses item. Despite this, most companies still manage employees with decisions based on intuition.

Better results can be achieved when we develop improvement actions based on results and here the eNPS is a simple indicator to work with. You can see the advantages of using the eNPS indicator to monitor employee engagement in this link.

Normally, to measure engagement we rely on long questionnaires that are tedious to fill out. However, as we have pointed out in previous POSTS, the eNPS provides a practical way to understand employee engagement and loyalty, allowing you to track it over time as it is a homogeneous indicator. Furthermore, as demonstrated by expert Daniel Segarra in the following post, improvements in eNPS have an impact on NPS.

To facilitate the measurement and management of the eNPS indicator there are tools such as ALLSWERS that allow you to automatically calculate the eNPS indicator, ask us for a free trial FROM THIS SAME LINK.

But to achieve improvements in this indicator we must undertake action plans in order to improve it. These actions can come from the conclusions of working groups within the company or from meetings with heads of each department, as an example we propose some initial actions:


actions to improve your eNPS


Actions to improve your eNPS.

Action 1: Use experience management platforms such as

As we have already mentioned, one of the advantages that facilitates answering is that the results of the eNPS question are anonymous. Experience management platforms allow you to manage the eNPS question by filtering the results and analyzing differences by department, location…


Action 2: Share with your employees the results obtained in the eNPS question

We are all more involved in what we are directly involved in. Sharing the results of the survey with employees, asking them for their opinion on what improvement actions to undertake helps to involve them in the improvement process and thus increase their commitment to the company.


Action 3: Continue the analysis of the results of the eNPS question from the open-ended eNPS score reasoning question or meetings with your employees.

Complement the information obtained from mining the eNPS question through surveys and follow-up interviews with your employees. In this way you will be able to identify the causes of the rating and identify possible improvement actions. You can get a baseline information coming from asking an open-ended question about the reasons for the appraisal in the eNPS question asked together with the eNPS question. You can understand the value of this open-ended question in the following HR best practices post.


actions to improve your eNPS


Action 4. Manage the company’s detractors so that they do not contaminate your company’s work climate.

To achieve this, it is critical to understand the reasons why the detractors have scored that way and try to prevent those opinions from spreading among the rest of the employees.


Action 5. Invest resources in the action plan to improve eNPS.

eNPS does not improve without action. For this reason, if we aim to improve the employee’s eNPS, we must create a plan with actions, a timeline and a budget.

Increasing your eNPS is an ongoing process that requires planning and investment of resources. Involving the workforce in the improvement of this indicator is key so that there are increasingly fewer detractors and passive employees in the company.

From tools like you can manage employee engagement effortlessly, and thus be able to execute actions to improve your eNPS, request a trial RIGHT NOW.


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