Inteligencia Artificial

The application of artificial intelligence opens up a new era in customer experience

Artificial Intelligence can automate processes that are commonly done manually, allowing for greater procedural efficiency. Read on to see how it changes the customer experience!

When it comes to making business decisions, many organizations take an approach based on different metrics such as sales growth or employee productivity in order to define their business strategies.

But this approach leads to solutions that are disconnected from the real, day-to-day needs of customers and employees.

Many times smaller, more dynamic companies outperform us because they respond quickly to customer needs. These smaller companies take a closer approach to customers.

A study conducted by Emplifi and collected by the specialized website puromarketing, concluded that:


“86% of consumers would turn away from a brand after two bad experiences and 63% would turn away after only one bad experience.”


Artificial Intelligence


Application of Artificial Intelligence.

In today’s environment, customers have the ability to share their experiences and expectations with anyone, on any channel, at any time. The volume of indirect and unstructured feedback provided by people through surveys, social networks, reviews and many other channels is growing at an unprecedented rate.

The companies that win in today’s environment will be the ones that can use all this data (structured and unstructured) and feed this data into their business strategies.

Aware of that Allswers is working on an Allswers Experience Artificial Intelligence (AI) service. This is a system that uses conversational analytics and machine learning to help organizations improve their business-related experiences, and identify new growth opportunities, through the exploitation of unstructured data.


Advantages of the Allswers Bussines Experience Artificial Intelligence (AI) Service

This development at an affordable cost for SMEs, will also allow the application of Artificial Intelligence in business:

  • Listen and respond to customers and employees as individuals or entire segments in real time.
  • Optimize their offers and experiences.
  • It also allows you to identify precise friction points or experience failures, so you can take action in real time to close the loop.
  • Linked to the previous point, it allows you to develop new strategies to keep customers happy and engaged.
  • All incoming data is automatically analyzed and tagged with key themes, so the company can instantly see emerging trends at the segment level.
  • It understands that if there is something that a large number of customers are talking about frequently, it is a potential growth opportunity for the company to design a new experience for that segment.


Artificial Intelligence


The application of data analytics is how any company can

  1. Identify new opportunities.
  2. Identify emerging trends in the marketplace.
  3. Find new markets to sell into.

In the new era of experience transformation, the application of Artificial Intelligence in this new tool will help any company know exactly how to grow. Leave us your details and get started with the Allswers free trial.