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Best practices in UX survey design

A UX survey is a survey that allows you to collect quantitative and qualitative data about your users’ interactions and experiences within an application.

Thanks to it you can:


  • Understand why users started using your application.
  • Know how users navigate within the application
  • Quickly gather feedback on a new product in beta.
  • Measure their overall satisfaction with your application.

That said, the UX survey is ideal for gathering information about how users behave, what the usability problem is, or the needs and points of dissatisfaction they have in navigation.

To understand the challenge at hand, UX designers should ask questions at each stage of the process. You can see a list of questions on uxplanet, the website of UX survey experts by accessing the following link.


UX survey

Also, for your convenience, we have collected here some of the best practices to follow when designing a UX survey.


Have a goal.

The first step is to define a goal for your user experience survey. To do this you need to ask yourself questions like What aspects of your product or design do you want to improve? What are you trying to learn about your users?


Put yourself in the users’ shoes when conducting the UX survey.

This principle seems basic, but it is too important not to mention: if you want to analyze the UX of a website or app, you must understand your users in depth and keep them in mind when designing the questionnaire itself.

The questionnaire as in all surveys should be short and relevant.

Make your UX surveys as quick and easy to complete as possible.


There are essential aspects of the UX survey that you should always ask about.

Don’t forget to ask about website uniformity, sitemap comprehension, clear navigation, simplicity and typography.


As in other surveys, offer incentives for participation.

If you want the majority of your user base to participate in the survey, you should use some kind of incentive that favors the survey.


UX survey

You can’t forget that platforms like ALLSWERS will help you on the road to measuring the quality of your websites’ user experience.


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