Trabajadores comprometidos

37% of jobs that are not in management positions are not committed workers, do you know if this is the case in your company?

We often fool ourselves into thinking that all the workers in our company are committed to it, but there is a big difference in the level of commitment between workers in management positions and the rest of the workers.

Do you really know if you have committed workers in your company?

When we talk about engagement we mean people who enjoy the challenges associated with their job.


committed workers


The importance of analyzing and engaging employees.

HR analytics can help companies understand the various influencing factors. HR engagement analytics can and should help to make employees happier and more productive; to this end, indicators such as eNPS have made it much easier to measure.

No one today doubts that truly motivated employees are an important factor in the success of a company. Many studies have shown this, and in our publications we have reported its direct correlation with profit.


committed workers


Advantages of having committed workers in your company.

According to Gallup in its ’employee engagement’ study published on its website, engagement is directly related to other factors, having direct correlation with:


  • Lower rates of company abandonment and absenteeism (81% less).
  • Better productivity rates increasing by 18% higher.
  • An increase in profit of up to 23%.


Although employee motivation is more important than ever in organizations, truly engaged employees are still the exception rather than the rule in the organization.


What does the data show?

The 2020 Global Trends in Employee Engagement Study, which can be read at this link, puts the engagement indicator (percentage of highly and moderately engaged employees) at 68% compared to 65% the previous year.

This increase is mainly due to an improvement in effective communication and attention from the company and the boss.

However, the engagement gap between managers and non-managers is huge. According to the Oracle Report, 37% of non-managerial workers in an organization were proud of their work. This contrasts with 70% of managers and executives who were proud.

In a study conducted by PwC consulting, it was found that 86% of the organizations surveyed measured employee engagement, but only 40% developed engagement improvement plans.


Therefore, if you want to impact your organization’s bottom line, measure employee engagement. From your results, design and execute action plans that improve engagement.

Allswers is the platform that helps you measure your employee engagement and make improvement plans, because not just doing surveys means improving engagement management.