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CRM, Customer Service and Customer Experience.

Customer experience, CRM and customer service – find out in just 2 minutes what they are related and what each of them means!

  • CRM, Customer Service and Customer Experience.

Many times we find articles and comments that place these three very different concepts on the same plane. They are very different terms, playing different roles in the company, but very close to each other.

As the consulting firm McKinsey points out, analyzing the alignment of these concepts (which can be completed in the following link) we observe the following:

As the natural owner of a large part of the customer journey, customer care can provide valuable insight by helping to define journeys, identify pain points and stimulate collaboration across lines of business. Those actions can yield additional benefits such as an end-to-end redesign of the customer journey that can not only transform the customer experience but also reduce customer care operational costs.”

The company’s central platform for managing its marketing and sales is CRM.


1. CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a broad concept that includes processes, technology and resources used. These serve to manage the customer relationship cycle, including the areas of: Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

For example, a CRM platform allows your company to:

  1. Manage the contacts of each lead and customer in the main points of interaction between company and customer such as telephone, email, chat and social networks.
  2. Have a centralized view of each customer’s information, including: contact persons, open opportunities, products purchased, relationship history and others.

The nº 1 crm on the market is the Salesforce platform.

Customer experience

2. Customer Service.

Customer Service’ refers to the management of customer contacts and transactions after the sale to provide support and service.

In a scenario in which companies compete for the preference of the same customer, the quality of customer service has become essential to engage consumers with your brand or product.

There are specialized platforms such as Zendesk or Salesforce Service.

Customer experience


3. Customer experience.

Customer experience expands the traditional CRM concept. Customer experience’ is understood as all the stages of the sales process, from the beginning to the delivery of the product and payment.

It seeks to measure and manage how the relationship with the customer is throughout all touch points, and how satisfactory this relationship is measured through indicators such as CSAT or NPS.

Customer experience


Platforms such as ALLSWERS help to manage and measure the customer experience having the ability to integrate with Salesforce, to have all customer information collected on the same platform.