Impacts of employee engagement on key business indicators.

In the following post we will analyze the positive impact of employee engagement. This variable affects several business indicators such as sales, customer satisfaction, innovation, employee attrition…

Predictive data analytics in human resources learns from existing data and is used to predict the behavior of individuals. Companies use predictive analytics to solve problems, reduce risks and seize new opportunities.

This analytics measures the positive impacts of increased employee engagement on key business metrics.


employee engagement


Measuring employee engagement.

The first step is to collect data through engagement surveys conducted on platforms that measure employee experience such as This makes it possible to measure the eNPS indicator and analyze its correlation over time with the company’s main indicators.

From the data obtained in these engagement surveys, numerous studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between employee engagement and variables such as: employee attrition, absenteeism, customer satisfaction, innovation… as we reflect in the following analysis.

Along these lines, highly engaged employees have a lower rate of attrition and a 46% lower rate of voluntary turnover. Likewise, committed employees have 2.7 days of sick leave compared to those who are not committed, who have 6.2 days.


Employee loyalty.

Employee engagement also has an effect on sales where the most engaged employees have 7% more revenue than less engaged employees. This impact of engagement on sales is also reflected with respect to innovation. Engaged employees are enablers of innovation, we can see in the following post from the research firm Gallup.

Finally, an interesting study led by the multinational services company ISS indicated that there is a correlation between customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Likewise, between these two factors and higher margins.

However, if one of the factors customer satisfaction or employee engagement is low, margins are lower. Therefore, the manager must work on both areas in order to maximize margins. You can access the complete study at THIS LINK.

We must also pay special attention to the drivers of engagement such as training, motivation and communication of the company’s employees.

All these arguments make it critical to have platforms such as that facilitate the measurement and management of employee engagement.

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