Key elements to launch a customer experience program.

A customer experience program requires a lot of time, effort and resources on the part of a company. However, as the consulting firm Arthur D. Little points out in its work, companies that fail to do so will miss out on the opportunity for revenue growth. A good customer experience is the most powerful driver of growth.

Allswers helps companies deploy customer (CX) and employee (EX) experience programs. In these programs, technology is the indispensable enabler in optimizing customer experience management processes.


customer experience program


The key elements of a customer experience program are:

Data collection.

Collecting customer feedback and operations data. 

Today, many companies still rely on surveys as the primary source of information.  Many have established only two feedback channels to capture customer information:

  • Transactional survey (such as a post-call survey from the contact center).
  • Annual relationship survey.

While these two channels are valuable sources of customer information, they are no longer sufficient for understanding customer needs.


You need to go beyond surveys and use other data sources:

  • Convert your center’s calls to text to analyze for themes and sentiment.
  • CRM sales notes.
  • Social media posts and emails (key signals to understand what’s happening with the customer).


In addition, given today’s technological capabilities that CRMs facilitate, data that provides a real-time view of the customer, such as operational and financial data, is also leveraged.

customer experience program


Data analytics.

Management of analytics and measurement.

Core capabilities such as data capture (e.g., via a voice of the customer platform), analysis of different data (such as text analytics on call transcripts or social media posts) and workflow (close he loop) are critical investments relative to more traditional investments such as CRM.

No modern customer experience program team can be successful without a customer feedback or voice of the customer management system with the ability to close the loop with the customer.

customer experience program


Organizational commitment.

Leadership in the implementation of the CEX program.

Organizational buy-in through a governance program is necessary before the technology is in place. Regular meetings are necessary to discuss the progress of the technology implementation, the needs of the business with respect to the technology and the identification of ‘potential roadblocks’ in its operation.

Once the technology goes live, focus on the flow of information within the organization and actions to close dissatisfactions.

customer experience program


The closing of the dissatisfaction or closet he loop.

Practices related to ownership, responsiveness and innovation.

Technology needs to be in the hands of front-line people, so that they know what is happening with the customer. This is undoubtedly a catalyst for creating a customer-focused culture.

Persistent feedback, with the ability to close the loop, is key to any successful customer experience program.

customer experience program


Without one or all of these elements, it is incredibly difficult to achieve business results as a team or company as a whole in this area.

If you work in customer experience, you probably already know the main strategies and best practices, as well as the key elements of working in this area. The My Customer blog lists six capabilities a company needs to have to be successful in its customer experience program.

However, companies that don’t work customer experience lose customer loyalty because they don’t know what really matters in implementing an experience improvement program.

customer experience program