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Learn the keys to having a good customer experience program.

Ensuring a great customer experience requires more than just the involvement of the CEO. The entire organization must be aligned to improve it.

While there are many helpful resources available on how to improve the experience, you need to use customer experience management software such as Allswers.


customer experience


There are key experience practices that companies cannot overlook and should pay attention to.


  1. A customer experience program is more than just tracking KPIs. You can check this post by expert Juan Manuel Martí.
  2. Likewise, our brand experience should not be limited to sharing these metrics with our team; the so-called closing the loop is fundamental.


How do you have a meaningful customer experience?

While many organizations have some type of experience program, the level of impact these programs manage to achieve varies greatly in terms of business growth.

Those programs with the least successful customer loyalty gains have one thing in common: customer experience initiatives focus on tracking metrics and not on sharing these insights with the various managers in the organization. Instead of working to drive meaningful change across the organization, these teams focus simply on keeping track of KPIs.

Companies with great experience empower everyone in the organization to make a difference from the ground up.


customer experience

Responsibility shared by the entire team.

It is important to make improving the experience a priority for the team, involving everyone.

Many organizations claim to be customer-centric, but how many are actually customer-centric?

While many say that customers are their top priority, how many align their entire organization with the goal of improving experience metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT)?

These metrics should be important to everyone within the company. Increasing NPS and CSAT scores have been shown to lead to higher revenue growth. Therefore, working to improve these scores should be a shared responsibility for all teams, and not simply fall to the experience team.


customer experience