métrica de compromiso eNPS

Modifications to eNPS engagement metrics due to pandemic.

The eNPS engagement metric is being influenced by all the developments that are changing the employer/employee relationship lately. Over the last 18 months, companies have learned that telecommuting and the flexibility that comes with it are here to stay in our world of work. They are also going to become a fundamental part of the employee experience.

Flexibility is one of the factors that determine employee satisfaction according to the Future Forum Pulse study “the future of work in the post pandemic world” which can be found at this link.

This study concludes that 93% of knowledge workers want a flexible job with flexible hours. The study reveals that 21% of workers intend to change jobs in the next year and 56% are open to it. Those of us who seek to retain talent should be concerned about this, and should incorporate technologies such as www.allswers.com that allow us to predict attrition.


eNPS engagement metrics


Data on engagement metric eNPS.

The Future Forum Pulse asked more than 10,000 employees around the world how their expectations at work have changed since the pandemic. And the results detected significant changes in their attitudes.

The study concludes that companies that want to attract and retain the best talent should expect an entirely new way of working: a flexible model that fundamentally rebuilds not only where but also when and how work is done. The experts at The tech republic delve deeper.

The new employee experience will be a mix of flexibility and structuring the way of working. In this sense, the concept of telecommuting means that employees can work from anywhere. And the first implication is that this flexibility has a significant impact in a number of areas according to this study.

For example, the ability to manage stress (58% higher for those who work remotely), work-life balance (45% higher) and overall job satisfaction (30% higher).

Companies hoping to incorporate the lessons learned from the pandemic into a new employee experience will want to listen to the needs, not just of their workforce as a whole, but of individuals. For all these reasons, feedback listening platforms such as www.allswers.com are critical in this management.

Constantly measuring eNPS and its evolution in the company, by department and for each employee will help us to predict the risks of leakage.


Importance of the digital experience.

In this framework, the digital experience is now a fundamental part of the employee experience.

After a year and a half of working from home, employees no longer see the office as the place where they do their work but as a place to attend in-person meetings and meet with colleagues.

Therefore, according to Future Forum Pulse, companies that invest in digital infrastructure obtain:


  • Higher productivity (+54%)
  • More than double the sense of belonging among their employees.
  • Greater ability to manage stress and anxiety (more than 5 times).


The past year has changed the employee experience forever. To truly create a great experience for each individual, employers need to listen frequently and continuously to their employees. Understand what they are saying, take action on that data, and then communicate those changes and why they were made. Therefore, tools like allswers.com are critical along these lines. Since they allow you to monitor key metrics and in particular the eNPS indicator. If you want to know more, write to us FROM RIGHT HERE.