pulse surveys

Pulse surveys, an indispensable management tool in business.

Still not familiar with pulse surveys, read on and find out more about an indispensable management tool for your business!


Happiness at work has gone from being an exclusive matter of the human resources department, to become a central element for any organization on which its results depend.

As we have analyzed in previous posts, there is a direct relationship between the greater commitment of a company’s employees and achieving better results.


pulse surveys


Pulse surveys.

The survey model that helps measure employee happiness is called pulse surveys. This type of survey is moving out of the range of “normal” labor surveys and is becoming an indispensable management tool.

The name is quite illustrative. As our colleagues at Happyforce point out, “if you have the mental image of taking a person’s pulse, it’s pretty clear what this type of survey is all about: knowing “how things are going”, easily detecting if something is wrong and being able to respond quickly and appropriately”.

Pulse surveys may seem like an insignificant gesture to your employees, but when done well, they have several benefits:


  • They increase employee engagement.
  • They help managers gauge employee morale.
  • They create an environment that results in a happier and therefore more productive workforce.


To achieve all this, there are platforms such as ALLSWERS, employee experience management platforms that help automate these surveys.


pulse survey


How to conduct pulse surveys correctly.

It is not enough to ask generic questions; to obtain good information from these surveys, it is necessary to ask more specific and concrete control questions.

Also, the format of the survey should seek simplicity and convenience when it is conducted, to make it easier to exploit the data.

Our measurement strategy should combine daily, weekly and monthly work-related and non-work-related questions. In this way, we can get an overall view of how employees are performing while reinforcing the company’s values and culture.

These types of pulse survey questions can be classified into one type of field according to HR specialist hrconnect in their post:


– Employee daily monitoring questions.

– Questions about the well-being of employees.

– Control questions about the relationship with bosses or colleagues.

– Questions about feedback.

– Questions about personal growth.


If you want to implement a pulse survey strategy, tools like ALLSWERS help you in a simple and inexpensive way to deploy it, ask for a free trial.


pulse surveys