customer experience management

Tasks in managing the customer experience.

Customer experience management involves a series of roles and responsibilities that it is good to know if we are going to assign this responsibility to someone in the company. When starting out with the customer experience, organizations can make a basic mistake: not paying enough attention to the person responsible for Customer Experience. And it is that the role it plays is extremely important, you can see its tasks in the next post.

Customer experience management methodology.

The main tasks of the person who manages the customer experience may be, among others, those that we collect below. If you want to see a methodology for the analysis and management of the customer experience, you can see the following link of the association for the development of the customer experience.

Create a simple metric which is the growth or decrease of customers.

The next thing is to know what it is due to. Why your customers stay or leave you, buy more or less, or actively use your products or services more or less.

For all this, it becomes critical to measure the customer experience.

Manage clients as assets.

Align operations around experience. Review the mapping of customer relationship processes. And finally, use the customer journey map and focus these on priorities.

Identify the moments of truth. Most of the time that a client interacts with the company, they do so in such a way that their experience with us is irrelevant to them. It happens nothing more and nothing less than what was supposed to happen and therefore it will be difficult for him to remember the experience he has had with us.

customer experience management

The key moments.

However, there are special moments sometimes caused by claims, claims or accidents, or because we exceed expectations. All these situations generate emotions in the client. Being important because when they appear is when we remember what happened. First, this gives us the importance of identifying the moments that we must pay special attention to so that the experience we generate is positive. And secondly, to identify how, in those moments of the transaction, we can exceed the client’s expectations.

In the first case, it is a matter of looking for those moments of truth (claims, attention to claims …) and then articulating mechanisms and processes that guarantee that in those moments the experience provided by our company is differential.

In the second place of exceeding expectations as or all clients respond in the same way, we must work dividing them into groups with similar behaviors.

Build a customer listening trail, analyze current customer experience, and collect voice of customer data in a unified way.

Proactively manage the user experience. Develops the ability to predict actions in relation to the client, rebuilding and innovating at the points of contact.

If you want to manage all the tasks related to the management of the customer experience in an automated way, request a test of our platform IN THIS CONTACT .