7 errores

The 7 most common mistakes when implementing an NPS program.

There are 7 mistakes to watch out for when properly implementing an NPS program. If done properly, it can help improve churn rates and increase customer loyalty. It also increases customer-generated referrals and boosts the company’s brand image.

NPS as we have seen in previous posts is a simple metric but for its proper deployment we need a working methodology. NPS is not just a question, it is a philosophy and a measurement system that must be linked to the company’s strategy, we have seen its relationship with the company’s profitability in the post.

This democratization of its use, especially in the American market, has meant that companies have launched their implementation without an adequate methodology. This situation has generated some voices against it as we can see in the following post.

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You can consult best practices in this document from our colleagues at Ipsos.

The lack of methodology in some implementations has generated a series of errors in its implementation. These are the 7 most common mistakes.


Define a survey first and not the objectives to avoid the 7 most common mistakes when implementing an NPS program.

Many projects start by defining a series of questions, and not what data we need and what for.

The logical path is to first ask about the objectives of the measurement, associate metrics to those objectives and finally generate questions that allow me to have those objectives.

Also, NPS surveys should be done by email, respecting the established format of the survey and taking into account the timing of the sending.


Conducting a survey methodologically wrong.

It is critical to take advantage of the survey to establish the right cadence of the survey, the right audience and the right type of survey.

In many cases the mailing follows an event, so it is essential to define triggers to automate the survey at critical moments. It is essential to survey multiple customers at different touch points to get a side-by-side view of the points that make up the customer journey.


Use NPS as a mere metric and avoid the 7 most common mistakes.

Many companies use NPS surveys solely for the purpose of having a headline number. They do not use it to manage, nor do they take actions based on the variation of this.

If you want to have an actionable NPS, you must insert it into an NPS-oriented survey. It should be accompanied by other questions that help to understand the reason for that score.


7 mistakes


Do not continue with actions deployed from the results of the customer survey.

When you conduct a survey you engage in a conversation with the customer, from this conversation may emerge complaints, suggestions… Therefore, responding in time and appropriately is critical for companies.


Not taking into account the evolution of the individual metrics of each customer in the relationship with the company.

The main problem of NPS is that in many cases we do not use such metrics per individual customer, managing them according to their segmentation where NPS can be one of the variables. Employees act on customers with names and surnames, not on generic metrics.


Not managing liabilities

Most companies focus on empowering promoters and recovering detractors, but they forget about the passives and many times it is the passives that decide the balance in the company’s sales. Most companies’ automated alerts are linked to promoters and detractors, not to liability management.


Measure transactional NPS as only that derived from business transactions.

The customer experience is largely dependent on the customer’s experience at every moment of interaction with the company, whether it is with people outside the company who are performing a function for the company or with the company’s employees, not just at the time of purchase. You have to measure the experience across all touch points within the customer journey, not just at the transaction.

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