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The NPS indicator as a driver of marketing strategies

Read this post to learn more about how the NPS indicator can help you in the deployment of your marketing strategies.

Many businesses use NPS as a way to get the answers they need in order to create their marketing strategies.

There are a number of essential elements of the deployment of the NPS indicator as a key marketing metric highlighted by the specialized consulting firm Bain & Co that we will analyze below.

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NPS indicator


The importance of the NPS indicator.

A first element is to determine the lifetime value of each customer. To do so, we will classify them according to the NPS indicator.

In this way we will know which types of customers are inviting to invest. In the same way, we will identify the investments to be made in these types of customers.

Maintain continuity in the measurement of the NPS indicator. It is vital to make sure that everyone in your business speaks the same language.

And of course, measuring the evolution of the indicator over time is key. The evolution of the indicator is more important than its value at a given moment.


Causes and poor valuation.

Identify the causes of bad and good valuations. Use the indicator to know what works and what does not in the organization, and identify improvements.

Closing the causes of dissatisfaction once detected is a task that we must not forget and that falls directly on the marketing department.

Involving the team favors the projection of the company’s image. When we share feedback with employees and contact customers to understand their experience, NPS creates a basic homogeneous language that can be easily shared within the organization.

Finally, NPS helps us learn from customer feedback. In addition to contacting customers to understand their experience and improve products and services based on it.


NPS indicator


NPS indicator management.

In terms of management systems, it is vitally important to integrate the CRM system with NPS analytics.

By analyzing the results of NPS surveys, and using a customer experience management tool, you can analyze customer feedback to discover patterns in customer sentiment.

In addition, we will be able to spot trends and brand ambassadors to use in our communications and always with the same terminology used by our customers.

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In a word, using the NPS indicator means generating stronger relationships with customers, ask how can help you from THIS FORM.