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Implement an NPS program as a key metric for marketing actions.

Implementing an NPS program in our company can be more than beneficial. Many companies use the NPS indicator as a key metric to monitor their marketing strategies. But how do we implement an NPS program that allows us to know if our marketing actions are going in the right direction?

DEC has an interesting interview with a BAIN & CO executive on what to consider when implementing a customer experience program.


Put in place all the essential elements of an NPS program.

There are seven essential elements you can implement to take advantage of the NPS indicator according to the consulting firm Bain and Co, you can see this and much more on their website.

These elements are:


  • Customer Lifetime Value. Determine the lifetime value of detractors, passives and promoters that allow you to size the value of investments in each of the customer categories.
  • Keep the NPS measurement for each customer homogeneous. Measure it over time and make sure that all parts of the company are aware of their NPS indicator.
  • Cause and effect. Be aware of the reasons that cause an indicator and why.
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t work in your company by using the NPS indicator to identify points of improvement in the company.
  • Close the process and automate feedback actions. When you get feedback from customers or employees close their opinions with actions that try to improve their negative opinion or use their positive feedback for positive testimonials on social networks.
  • Communicate within the organization the results of the NPS metric.
  • Experience management software. Integrate your CRM system with NPS metrics.


NPS program


Ask the right questions and use the language of your customers.


  • NPS metrics help us put the customer at the center of the company’s strategy. It is proven that companies that develop a customer experience strategy grow on average 6% more than the competition. A customer experience grows the time value of promoters by an average of 10 times.
  • The open-ended questions we ask to explore the reasons for a rating are a very important source of information about customer behaviors. Using text analytics tools to understand the specific expressions customers use.
  • The NPS metric is so powerful because it objectively measures customer relationships, expressing a direct relationship between its measurement and company growth.
    Platforms like help to manage and monitor customer experience, request a free trial and start measuring your customer relationships in an automated way.


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