use Net Promoter Score

5 benefits of using Net Promoter Score.

In this post we will analyze the benefits for the company of using Net Promoter Score. The NPS metric is widely used to measure customer loyalty in a simple way.

The expert Pau Llambi highlights in his post the importance, for a good digital marketing strategy, of managing the customer experience well.

None of the customer loyalty metrics are perfect. But we need to have metrics and share information that allows us to improve our products and services. NPS is very useful to determine if the customer will buy from us again and how loyal they are to the brand. This is as long as we do not fall into the trap of forcing a good NPS or forced NPS rating on our organization as Santiago Muñoz points out in his post.

NPS is perceived as a global summary indicator. But we should really channel it into a complete management system that links with the overall treatment of customers to improve their loyalty to the brand. These customers may have been qualified as detractors or passive. Platforms such as help to generate a complete NPS metric management system.

Below are a number of concrete benefits of using NPS. Specifically the 5 best derivatives of using Net Promoter Score.


use Net Promoter Score


Use Net Promoter Score -NPS- as one of the main business metrics.

Customer experience can be used as an important metric in any business. Customer experience is directly related to the people in an organization who are in direct contact with the customer.


What are the advantages of using Net Promoter Score in your business?


  • It makes it possible to compare with competitors and easily measure our evolution.
  • By using the NPS indicator we are using a globally recognized system, with existing metrics for different companies and sectors. It allows you to compare different work centers, departments within the company, measure their evolution and use it as an incentive.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • It is easy to measure, use and understand. It is based on an easily understandable scale such as 0 to 10, which makes it understandable for any executive of the company.
  • Improves the customer base.
  • By measuring customer loyalty and closing the treatment of customer complaints. The result will be that they will abandon less and therefore increase the commercial base. Several studies have found a direct relationship between a high NPS score and a company’s profits.
  • Flexibility in its use.
  • NPS is easy to obtain on any device, whether by phone, email or web, because it asks a single, simple question. It allows results to be shared quickly and easily as it is a single metric that summarizes customer loyalty.


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