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Learn how to connect the brand experience with your customers and employees.

Working on the brand experience can strengthen your customers’ relationship with your company.

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What is brand experience?

Brand experience is a term that encompasses all the actions that can be performed with your brand in the different channels and points of contact that the company has with your customers.

Your brand is a tangible value for the consumer, but it is surrounded by many intangible values such as emotions, sensations, values, communications… and all these intangible values are part of the brand experience.

To achieve the connection between brands and consumers it is necessary that there is a link forged through the experience they have with your brand.


brand experience

How to connect the brand experience with your customers?

You must create a potentially strong brand and make your customers feel identified with it. To do this you must follow a few tips to generate that link that will drive growth in your company:


Create an Experiential Marketing strategy.

It is a way for your brand to approach your customers through emotions and experiences. By creating these experiences and involving consumers, they will link positive experiences with your brand, so that when they remember that experience, they will also remember your brand.

This way you can avoid impulse purchases and look for purchases that are based on emotions.

Here are some examples of actions you can take as part of an Experiential Marketing strategy:


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Measure all actions.

If you choose to pursue an Experiential Marketing strategy, it is important that you measure and analyze all the steps you take to understand what your customers want and are looking for. This requires the help of experience analysis software such as the one offered by Allswers with its free trial, with which you can create indicators that allow you to see the effectiveness of your actions.


Look for customer orientation in your company.

The customer is at the center, so most of your efforts should be aimed at satisfying their needs and generating a positive link with them. Although, as we will see in the next section, not all your actions must be 100% focused on your customers.


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How to connect the brand experience with your employees?

You should not focus all your efforts on customers, but you should also work on the connection that the brand can have with your employees, since they are the ones who will directly try to transmit the value proposition.

According to Branward, aligning employees with the brand will ultimately lead to increased productivity and greater loyalty to the company.


  1. Set flexible goals that allow them to grow both professionally and personally in your company. Setting small, simple goals will increase their motivation.
  2. Staff must feel identified with your brand to represent your values and be a clear image of what you want to transmit with them. Your employees must be your brand ambassadors in order to create a strong company culture.
  3. You must reward your employees based on the achievement of their objectives. If they feel rewarded they will be able to make an extra effort.
  4. Create corporate content where everyone can participate and share knowledge.


The connection between the three axes: brand experience, customer experience and employee experience.

Connecting customers and employees with the brand experience helps to discover critical points that foster the success of your company’s actions. But knowing and connecting all this data together is complicated without external tools.

For this, software like Allswers offers solutions that allow you to gather the necessary data and prioritize the actions that will have the greatest impact on your business. Combining all the experiences will help not only to identify future trends, but also to find new opportunities for improvement and growth.


brand experience