Tendencias en experiencia de cliente

Customer experience trends in the year 2023

The new customer experience trends for this new year point towards a more technological and personalized experience.

A new year requires the definition of a new experience strategy. But to start creating it, you need to be clear about the customer experience trends that all leading companies are now pursuing.


Customer experience trends

The new customer experience trends.

What was done successfully last year does not necessarily guarantee that it will have the same impact in this new year 2023. Conditions have been changing over the past year where constant inflation-driven price increases have undoubtedly changed the competitive conditions in most industries.

Organizations that lead sectors with multichannel experiences know that they need to adapt to this new scenario to stay ahead, and there is no doubt that their competitors are also rethinking their strategies.

Rethinking strategies means analyzing the customer experience trends that are developing across companies and in specific industries.

You need to listen to the customer and your competitors to see where they are headed and you can prepare to develop a winning strategy. Your customers and employees will be better served and aligned with your requirements.

All of this leads to a better customer experience linked to improved NPS and ENPS indicators that will lead to improved business results. Software’s like Allswers help you to monitor and manage the customer and employee experience in the best possible way obtaining real and valuable data to make decisions in your company.


Customer experience trends

What do CX programs need?

For a CX program to be successful as highlighted by Blake Morgan in the post, it must have the following customer experience trends:

Economic momentum in CX programs by a clear leader.

There needs to be an advocate at the top of the pyramid. A leader with influence and money to be able to effect change within the organization. Last year, 75% of companies stated that their main goal was to improve the customer experience.

Companies are starting to notice that without the CEO’s sponsorship to develop CX programs, there is no momentum from them. It is up to him to push the mechanisms to bring these initiatives to fruition.


Another general trend in customer experience will be personalization: “Personalization is when the company leverages a deep understanding of customer preferences and data to preemptively anticipate customer needs”. The consulting firm Blake Morgan explains that machine learning provided by artificial intelligence will be vital to achieve personalization.

Increased technology.

The analog part of the business is going to be the competitive differentiator in 2023. At the same time, there is going to be a big push for technology to help brands get answers faster when it comes to customer experience and behavior. So we will be able to understand what customers want, when they want it and where they want it.


Customer experience trends


Emphasis on the physical.

Along these lines, physical in-store experiences are seen as important again and suggests that brands take a hybrid approach to serving consumers online and face-to-face.

More demanding.

In sectors such as travel and hospitality, it will be critical for companies to be more intentional and consistent in delivering on their brand promise. Travelers will be far less forgiving if their flights or hotel stays don’t live up to their expectations.


Customer experience trends



We will start to see according to expert Colin Show how some companies will use predictive and sentiment analysis to understand customer behavior at a psychological level. When they do that, they will be incredibly powerful companies. So, all brands need to understand customer behavior, only then will they be prepared for the future.



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