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Customer feedback as a means to optimize the digital experience.

Customer feedback becomes relevant when it allows you to measure customer satisfaction and therefore improve the customer experience.


Today, customers regularly interact with brands’ digital channels. Hence the importance of using their feedback to optimize their digital experience as we have collected in our post ‘Key customer feedback to understand the customer experience‘.


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But do your companies really use the full potential of customer feedback?

Feedback and its treatment are the key element of any customer experience (CX) program, enabling the creation of a direct digital dialogue between brands and customers. As customers share their feedback, and we translate it into improvement actions within the company, the impact on the bottom line increases.

You may be closing the loop with individual customers, but it’s key to identify global actions with company-wide impact that positively influence customers.

Putting feedback at the center of the company allows you to:


  • Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT).
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Improve customer lifetimevalue.
  • Improve results.


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How to collect customer feedback?

Here’s how to improve customer feedback and show that you value their opinions:


Ask customers at the right times.

The key to customer response is directly related to when you ask questions. There are certain times in a customer’s journey when they probably aren’t interested in giving feedback. But there are other times when customers may appreciate the opportunity to voice their opinion, trying to solve problems that have not been solved for them so far.

Capturing that feedback also provides first-hand data on redundant operational problems in the business.


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It uses open-text analytics and sentiment analysis technologies to maximize the collection of relevant information from open-ended questions. 

Text analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to aggregate opinion topics and then extract meaningful information from thousands of text-based comments. Regardless of how you classify your comments, it is important to incorporate sentiment analysis in order to understand which topics are trending “negative” and which are trending “positive.”

To do this, you can make a very simple scheme to identify the sentiment of the opinions as shown below:


customer feedback


Simply identify with a different color if the opinion is positive, negative or neutral and with a different size depending on whether that comment is repeated by different customers or if it is something relevant. This way you will get an overall view of the sentiment of your company, knowing whether positive or negative sentiment predominates.


Ask questions that fit your analysis objectives.

By creating programs designed to capture customer opinions on precise topics, you can get immediate feedback from your most important asset, your customers, and make concrete improvements to your business.

Consumer behavior is not static, but changes over time. Studying and understanding trends to take different actions depending on how the customer is doing is key to improving your business. You can learn more about consumer behavior trends in the following Medallia post.


Generate measurement models: Combine NPS and CSAT with other metrics.

Almost all feedback programs focus on a few key metrics, primarily NPS and CSAT. Whether you use NPS or overall satisfaction (CSAT) with the company, having a key metric where you can monitor its evolution can help you compare customer experience management over time. You can learn more about these metrics in the following post on our blog.

The models defined by Allswers allow you to combine different metrics to get the most complete analysis.


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Close de loop: The importance of closing the loop.

Companies don’t need to do much to optimize customer experiences. If you’re collecting customer feedback, you’re halfway there. Now you just need to use the feedback you have to implement actions to close the dissatisfactions that are highlighted.


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