Digitalization and the customer’s purchase decision map.

The customer’s purchase decision map as a way to understand what the customer wants and needs.

The customer journey within the enterprise sales process has become an integral way to design the customer experience.

From the initial information process to becoming a customer and their subsequent time of use, the consumer decision map is used to help understand the needs and expectations of the consumers the company intends to reach.

the customer's purchase decision map


Capture the journey your customer has in your company.

The customer decision journey is a reconceptualization of the traditional marketing funnel. In this approach, the way customers make decisions is framed in a circular process that includes four phases:

  1. Initial information process.
  2. Active evaluation of potential offers.
  3. Closing; when consumers buy the brands.
  4. Post-purchase; when consumers use those brands.

the customer purchase decision map


Marketing has always sought, as McKinsey Consulting points out in its article the consumer decision journey, those moments, or touch points, in which consumers are open to the influence of brands. In this regard, in previous Allswers posts, we have written about the importance of reviews.

For years, touchpoints have been understood through the metaphor of a “funnel.”

  • First consumers start with a number of potential brands in mind (brand positioning).
  • Then marketing targets them as they methodically narrow that number of brands by moving through the funnel,
  • Finally they emerge with the brand they chose to buy.


the customer's purchase decision map


Funnel vs. customer purchase decision map.

But today, the funnel concept does not capture all the touch points and all the key purchase factors resulting from the explosion of product options and digital channels. There is also the emergence of an increasingly demanding and more informed consumer.

In this environment, it is now important for brands to not only react to customers, but to actively drive their decision journeys.

The consumer decision journey enables marketers to plan, manage and optimize their marketing activities aimed at achieving the moment of purchase.

By reviewing each stage within the buying journey, marketers can discover where there may be gaps and missed sales opportunities.

customer purchase decision map

Keys to creating your customer purchase decision map.

To foster an accelerated customer loyalty journey, four distinct but interconnected capabilities are crucial as McKinsey Consulting points out:

  1. Automation that is used to streamline the customer journey.
  2. Proactive personalization that uses customer information to instantly personalize customer care.
  3. Interaction that uses knowledge about where a customer is in a journey to take them to the next set of interactions.
  4. Journey innovation that finds new sources of value, such as new services, for both the customer and the brand.


el proceso de compra del cliente

Throughout this journey, it is critical to have a customer experience management software like Allswers in place that will undoubtedly help you manage the customer journey by obtaining all the necessary information to improve customer loyalty. The ROI of incorporating allswers is in keeping a customer.


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