abandono silencioso

How to fight silent abandonment

Discover how to combat silent abandonment and build a healthier employee culture.

silent abandonment

What is silent abandonment?

Silent abandonment is a concept that has become fashionable in the last year, and refers to the abandonment of employees due to lack of motivation in their job. This term stems from the conflict that can arise in employee/manager relationships due to burnout.

The response on the part of workers to a work situation in which they are not learning, do not feel valued, do not have opportunities for growth or are simply not happy with their situation, is to silently resign from the job they have in the company.

Factors such as not rewarding the attitude of the workers without any type of recognition, very different compensations or salaries when the tasks are similar, lack of transparency in the information of the company… are factors that can lead to a lack of performance on the part of the employees.

silent abandonment

The impact of silent abandonment in companies.

Many times the care of workers or employees is an area that is neglected in many companies when they are the core of every business.

Alejandro Martinez, CEO and co-founder of Erudit, talks about the importance of the phenomenon of silent abandonment in an article for Intelligentcio. According to him, companies are not adopting an employee-driven culture due to a lack of listening to what employees want or need.

This gives companies a lack of maturity in their management and ineffectiveness. If employees do not feel autonomy in their work place it leads to serious consequences such as:


  1. Null productivity that could be contagious to the rest of workers.
  2. Bad reputation in the companies.
  3. Drop in team performance.


silent abandonment


Solutions to silent abandonment.

Silent abandonment is a phenomenon that all companies need to be aware of and have the right tools to fight it. It is of vital importance that brands can carry out actions that allow them to keep their employees and motivate them in their jobs.

silent abandonment

Allswers as a key tool to avoid employee attrition in the company.

Allswers is a survey platform that manages employee experiences. It generates forms that add value to companies and help employee retention. With it you will be able to:


  1. Use surveys to improve internal training and recruitment programs.
  2. Collect, analyze and make decisions based on employee opinions.
  3. Maintain contact with employees.


The management of the experiences that workers have in the companies favors the identification of growth opportunities and the resolution of problems.

If you want to have a motivated workforce, you must first know what employees want or need in their jobs.

Many of them, probably, are not happy with their work situation and do not have the means and confidence to communicate that dissatisfaction.

Thanks to Allswers you will be able to design surveys with predefined models that allow you to know all the information in real time, and apply the necessary measures to be able to face any problem.

Allswers has a free demo where you can explore all its functions. All you have to do is register and the team will contact you.


silent abandonment


Workers’ compensation.

Once basic information is obtained about what they need to be completely satisfied in their jobs, appropriate measures must be taken.

Specifically, workers should be compensated accordingly for the work they perform in the company.

Implementing a system of strategies and incentives that compensate workers for their efforts will help employees feel satisfied with their work situation.

If the workers feel recognized in the company, and have a series of compensations for their work, they will feel more motivated to be able to fulfill different objectives. Remuneration must be adapted to the level of commitment of the employees so that they see that their efforts are rewarded.


silent abandonment