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Managing the employee experience, the way to improve the company’s competitiveness.

Are you actively listening to your employees? beyond the simple metrics provided by surveys? how often do you analyze their engagement?

A solid employee experience strategy is much more than conducting an engagement survey once a year. It’s about:

  • Gathering ongoing information through surveys.
  • Informal conversations.
  • Identifying actions for improvement and then implementing them in your company.

Employees want to bring improvements to their daily work and tend to reward companies when they listen to them. In that case they tend to be more productive, innovative and usually provide better customer service.


employee experience


Why is employee experience improvement feedback important?

While it is important to measure employee engagement and satisfaction, it is even more important to act on their feedback and to identify and deploy actions based on their feedback for improvement.

Measuring and managing employee experience undoubtedly has a big business impact, through increased productivity and profitability.

But we have bad news, according to the State of the Global Workplace report, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their work. Therefore, conducting surveys is not enough to improve employee engagement.

It is true that this measurement is basic, but it is critical to maintain metrics of motivation and engagement of a company’s employees and develop an action plan.


employee experience


Better engagement improves business results.

According to the Global Workplace study, companies that score higher in employee experience have 3 times more return than the rest. The consulting firm Gallup values the cost in lost productivity due to workers leaving a company at $605 billion.

An engaged employee is happier, healthier and contributes to a better work environment. And, as far as the company brand is concerned, as Jeanne Bliss points out, it will act as a convinced ambassador, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Creating an employee experience strategy is much like creating a customer experience strategy.


employee experience


The key steps to launching and advancing an employee experience program are:

  • Align your program with the company’s strategy by involving the organization.
  • Listen, both directly and indirectly, through multiple channels.
  • Collect, analyze and act on data.
  • Empower people to solve problems.
  • Calculate return on investment to gain executive buy-in.


employee experience


Corporate workers have evolved and today they work very differently; they prefer fluid communication with their managers, technology-focused positions and different career goals. To develop the most productive workforce, companies must understand the different types of employees and their needs.

Covid-19 and the Great Resignation have brought even more attention to the employee experience and the need to launch measurement and management programs. That’s why experience management software such as www.allswers.com helps you streamline that management.


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