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Online customer reviews matter now more than ever.

Online customer reviews have been with us for a long time, but why are they now more important than ever?

For that you need to know what reviews are and how to increase sales with them. You can find this information in the publication of the specialized marketing magazine, Mercadotecnia Digital.


Online customer reviews


During the pandemic, consumers had no choice but to try e-commerce as a channel. They liked this experience, and the enormous growth of e-commerce can be seen from its evolution.

The following graph shows the increase in e-commerce turnover from 2013 to 2021:


Online customer reviews

Source: Own elaboration based on data from CNMCData.



Changes in consumer habits.

When consumers have transparent information about the product they buy, they do not have to depend on the brand. When it comes to buying or choosing a product, what makes the difference is not only the price, but also the ratings or comments it has.

In a world where there is so much competition, so many of the same products at similar prices, variables such as reviews, criticisms, comments, etc. become very important. A bad review can mean the end of a product, and a good rating is directly related to more sales.

As a consumer, which of these products would you choose? Same product, same price, but with different ratings.


Online customer reviews


Sometimes all it takes to make a sale is good ratings and reviews.

Platforms for measuring and managing customer opinions, such as Allswers, allow us to capture positive opinions to give value to our product reviews. Using this type of platform becomes critical in the scenario in which we operate.


Online customer reviews

Online customer reviews double.

The increase in e-commerce penetration due to COVID-19 has not regressed to pre-pandemic levels, meaning that this particular behavior has been widely adopted by consumers.

The total number of product reviews doubled in the year after the pandemic. And if you think there had been ten years of reviews before that, that’s a lot of reviews in a very short period. You can dig deeper into the importance of review strategy in marketing in the next post.

Before the pandemic, out of every 5 consumers, only 1 or 2 individuals left online ratings or opinions. In 2022, almost 4 consumers leave online reviews when they buy a product. The data is reflected in the graph below:

Online customer reviews


New scenario for brands. 

The rules of traditional marketing have changed. We are in a fundamental paradigm shift where the technological changes that users and consumption are undergoing should be appreciated. If we think about it, the pandemic has accelerated a fundamental change in consumer behavior.

Just going to the store and looking at what’s on the shelf is the old world. If you are a consumer and you have to choose between either giving more importance to the information given to you by the salesperson, or giving more importance to the opinions given to you by actual consumers who use the products, which do you think most consumers would choose?


Online customer reviews


The product itself is becoming the marketing. And what you see now is that new brands are disrupting spaces that used to be occupied by traditional brands that have been in the market for a long time.

It doesn’t make sense to market a product that is no good, or it makes less and less sense to do so, because you can’t hide it. That’s why customer reviews influence consumers to try competing products, and platforms like Allswers help you gather all the information.

Thanks to it, you can analyze your customers’ behavior and add value to your business. With specialized dashboards, Allswers allows you to generate greater value in all your processes. With its free demo, you have at your fingertips the exploitation of data that today are vital to control and monitor so that your business is not supplanted by new brands.


evaluaciones online


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