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If you want to grow, manage the experience of your existing customers

If you want to be a leader in your sector, manage your customers’ experience to [...]

Customer experience is key to profitable growth.

Profitable growth refers to organic and inorganic growth with the potential for high margin and [...]

Partner Experience: Differentiating element in a competitive market.

A good Partner Experience leads to a good Customer Experience. Background to the Partner Experience? [...]

Experience analytics as a critical element for decision making.

Experience analytics has already permeated all leading companies. To solve problems quickly, organizations need to [...]

Having a single experience management is critical to the bottom line.

Experience management is about designing and reacting to customers to meet or exceed their expectations. [...]

Invest in experience where it really matters to customers.

Still haven’t wondered why leading companies invest in experience?   Invest in experience. Achieve growth [...]

The 7 most common mistakes when implementing an NPS program.

There are 7 mistakes to watch out for when properly implementing an NPS program. If [...]

The implementation of a customer experience program.

To start the implementation of a customer experience program in the company it is necessary [...]

How to act when faced with NPS or negative customer feedback.

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The branded product experience

The branded product experience is linked to the experiences and emotions felt by the user [...]