¿Conoces el NPS, principal indicador de fidelización del sector hotelero?

Do you want to build consumer loyalty in the hotel business through NPS?

In the hotel business, where competition is intense, there are some areas that make the difference in building customer loyalty, one of the main ones being the management of the customer experience in the hotel.

To build customer loyalty in the hotel business, as a starting point we must differentiate between two dimensions of the customer experience, service and brand.

A hotel’s service is made up of all the customer touch points and interactions with the hotel in the establishment; these will result in a perception of the service experience being generated.

Normally, when we talk about the customer experience, we talk about the service, that is, about what we enjoyed, did or experienced in the hotel or about how we were treated by counting every little detail.

In that sense, there are many contributions that can improve the service, and therefore, the customer experience. What is undoubtedly true is that if we do not measure the customer experience we cannot manage it.


Do you know the NPS, the main loyalty indicator in the hotel industry?


What are the indicators to measure customer experience and loyalty in the hotel business?

The most recurrent indicators:



The NPS is less questioned than the other ratings.

It is more objective and measures loyalty in terms of recommendation to third parties, where it is the establishment itself that measures it through interaction with customers, without there being in some cases a perverse interest.

The measurement of the NPS indicator is obtained from the difference between promoters (percentage of customers who score above 8) and detractors (percentage of customers who score below 6).

You can learn more about the measurement of this indicator by clicking on the following link: www.allswers.com/calcular-el-nps/


Platforms such as allswers.com automate the measurement of the NPS indicator, allow you to know the customer traveler at a low cost, generate a scorecard of loyalty indicators and act on them, responding instantly to low customer ratings.

Responding in real time is key to customer loyalty. The NPS indicator and its management through customer experience measurement platforms allow you to do so.