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Listening to employees is essential to retain talent.

Employee listening has become more acute as a result of the pandemic. In the last [...]

Pulse survey.

A pulse survey is a short survey that seeks to know what workers think about [...]

37% of jobs that are not in management positions are not committed workers, do you know if this is the case in your company?

We often fool ourselves into thinking that all the workers in our company are committed [...]

Employee experience trends for 2022 according to Forrester

The prestigious consulting firm Forrester, as it does every year, presents its predictions for 2022. [...]

How to use employee feedback through employee experience programs.

Often the use of employee experience programs allows for valuable feedback to be gathered in [...]

Understand why an employee leaves his or her job.

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How to fight silent abandonment

Discover how to combat silent abandonment and build a healthier employee culture. What is silent [...]

Learn how to connect the brand experience with your customers and employees.

Working on the brand experience can strengthen your customers’ relationship with your company.   What [...]

Organizational commitment, key to a good customer experience.

Organizational commitment is directly related to delivering a great customer experience. Ensuring a great customer [...]

Managing the employee experience, the way to improve the company’s competitiveness.

Are you actively listening to your employees? beyond the simple metrics provided by surveys? how [...]